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Morning Desert Safari

200AED per person

Morning Desert Safari With Quad Bike

All inclusions + Quad Bike
350AED per person

Morning Desert Safari With Dune Buggy

All inclusions + Dune Buggy
900AED per person

Early in the morning, take a desert safari. Visit Dubai if you want to spend a day alone in the beautiful desert. The distance between Dubai and Oman is about 50 km. Tourists and adventurers from Dubai come to the desert to see its slopes. Afternoon desert safari in Dubai. Take a short drive to the beautiful Ache desert to begin your journey. After you reach the desert, your Dubai desert safari will start your morning with a ride in a Land Cruiser. We only employ trained and skilled chauffeurs to traverse the dunes. Once you arrive at our desert camp, you will have time to relax before doing fun things like riding a camel, horse or ATV. With its vast sand dunes and beautiful sunrise, the desert is an excellent destination for photographers.

You can also choose other package options to enhance your stay with us. At The Planet Adventure, our goal is to give our guests the best camping experience they can have in the desert.

A special adventure in the desert in the morning

An early morning Dubai desert safari is a fun way to start the day.

  • A safari guide from the travel company will pick you up from your spot in a private 4×4 wheeled vehicle, usually a Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • Drive to Dubai Desert Safari , where you can drive on sand dunes in the early morning
  • There are views of desert wildlife in the desert.
  • Take your first ride on a camel.
  • Sandboarding, which is similar to snowboarding but is done on sand, is something you can do on the dunes (weather permitting)
  • In our campground you can have a simple breakfast.
    An excellent way for people who love excitement and sports to spend their morning in the desert.
    The most important activities in the desert safari
    Morning desert safari: drifting, smashing sand dunes
    Drift Dune bashing is an integral part of any trip through the desert. The most common way to get from the hostel to another place is a 4×4. You will have to deal with that as a driver. Riding through the piles is an unforgettable experience. People who go on a desert safari in Dubai and want to drift off the attack do so because it is an exciting experience.

Sandboarding on a desert safari in the morning

After you’ve driven through the Dubai desert, the next thing you can do is sand boarding. This is beach skiing or beach skiing. On a skateboard, you feel like you are moaning through the snow as you drift along the shores of the Arabian Peninsula. Desert safari in Dubai will be the worst thing I have ever done. The platoon will watch out for you and ensure that no one gets hurt.

At dawn, a baby carriage in the desert
If beach surfing and drifting aren’t enough for you, a drift tool is a must. You will be transported in a vehicle made only for riding. A motorhome driver over the piles of beach in Dubai will take you on an exciting journey like no other.

Desert tour in the morning with camel ride

A ride on a camel through the sand dunes of Dubai’s beaches will satisfy your desire to see the world. You can see beautiful desert scenery from the back of a camel. The beauty elevator is about 45 flashes long. A friendly camel will not harm you because it is not dangerous.

Desert safari in Dubai on a quad bike

You can use the quad bike lift at Dubai Desert Fun. It will be the most exciting trip I’ve ever had. Children over the age of 14 can ride the lift on a quad bike with some help from an instructor, but they must have used a quad bike before.

Let’s find something to eat!

After a morning safari in Dubai and other excursions, you will be too full for a big breakfast. You can find everything from Middle Eastern food to international bones on the breakfast menu. It’s okay to eat breakfast until you are full. In your desert camp, you will be able to enjoy a colorful show while having breakfast in the morning.

A regular part of every desert safari in Dubai
The following types of eliminations happen on every desert safari:

Pick up and drop off 4×4 land vehicles

  • To be accompanied by an experienced and qualified chauffeur throughout the journey.
  • There are always soft drinks and mineral water for sale.
  • Arabic forms of caffeine, such as ki-wai, tea, and coffee.
  • Beverages that come in a can
  • As a snack, a sandwich.



  • Breakfast
  • Long Camel Ride 20 minutes
  • Quad Bike 20 minutes

Are Additional & Not Included In Self Drive | Standard | Advance Package


  • Pick-Up From / Hotel / Residence Will around 08:00 08:30 AM.
  • Drop back around 012:00 PM / 12:30 PM
  • Your Designated Safari Guide Will Call You At Provided Contact Before 1 Hour From Pick-Up Time.